Brown Bag Marketing

Digital Marketing, Zoetis

I started at this integrated marketing agency in 2013, working as a senior technical project manager. A good fit: most of my projects have a customer loyalty connection and back-end integration. Also:

  • Owning web and mobile projects throughout the development life-cycle
  • Engaging technology stakeholders to define: project roadmap, scope, goals, deliverables, required resources, development estimation, milestones, test and deployment plans
  • Developing tools/best practices for project management & execution
  • Enhancing department and organizational reputation by accepting ownership of new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to the project pipeline

New stuff I like: Lots of pictures of dogs and cats (my main client is in pet pharmaceuticals). I also like working in the heart of Buckhead, within walking distance of Fado Irish Pub and the original Moe's.

A sensible, reliable, no-nonsense integrated agency that gets to the heart of the matter by listening, understanding and responding to your needs.


My first t-shirt from Brown Bag was emblazzoned "You're Fired." Mildly disconcerting for a new hire, even if it was just schwag for an event. The all-hands quarterly meeting was at a laser-tag place and team "Fire" battled in brackets with Earth, Water, and Air teams. Competitive folks too: one unfortunate person split a tooth and had to leave early for dental repairs (I only suffered sore muscles).