Clear Lakes 44 "Birdwatcher"

Mystery series

Directed by Troy Wagner
Produced by THAC LLC
Filmed 10/27/2015
Released 11/06/2015

The mystery continues when the Birdwatcher (Noah Scammon) gets a doctor’s visit in episode #9, the latest series by the creators of the popular Marble Hornets. I got to play the shrink in this episode's 5-page script. He has been Birdwatcher's psychiatrist for about 2-3 years, and has developed a scientific interest in him, which is why he's agreed to do a house call, as Birdwatcher is agoraphobic.
Due to the huge fan base, the episode had 14K views in the first 24 hours and 20K view after 3 days. Very cool.

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In praise of SEO: the director found me searching for "Atlanta Actors" and that my web site came up on the first page of results!