Film Companions


Written & Directed by Scott Schroeder
Produced by Green Media Works
Editing by Psych Digital TV
Target Distribution: Web (e.g., 'Funny or Die')

Filming: December 2010
Release: February 2011

Film Companions is mockumentary series hosted by two amateur film enthusiasts who take themselves way too seriously on their low-budget, public access, TV show. In this 15 minute episode, I got to play a guest film critic who has a really bad sense of movie aesthetics. It's dry humor, in the spirit of Best in Show or Between Two Ferns.


Mercury as Rick Coates, 'Film Companion' Host
Eric Motel as Dave Preston, film enthusiastist
Troy Halverson as Stu Shuman, guest film critic


J. Andrew Green - Producer
Scott Schroeder - Writer and Director
Matt Brodersen - Camera and Editing
Patti Green - PM