Flux Night 2015

#FightFor15 street performance

One of several live events for the 2015 Flux Night in Atlanta 11/07/2015

By Aaron Gach of Tactical Magic

Corporate mascots fight a symbolic "Fight for 15" battle against a $15/hr minimum wage. Performed by folks from Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, myself, and audience volunteers who got to unleash their frustrations in a battle against symbols of social injustice. Inside an inflatable arena, pairs of padded participants duel; if a challenger can knock down their chosen corporate mascot using large, foam weapons, they win $15 cash ...and the cheers of an adoring crowd.

For a concept piece, I got quite a workout

With: Ronald McDonald (Andy Coen), Burger King (Rueben Medina), Jack in-the-box (your's truly), Wendy (Perry Frost), Taylor Dooley (Taco Bell) or Colonel Sanders (Matt Stanton). With Mark Kendall (Referee) and Lucky Yates (moderator)