Garage Rebuild

In-place reconstruction for a workshop

A 2017 project to replace a single-car garage. Over 40 years old, the foundation had eroded, leading to extensive termite damage. New structure features:

  • Full perimeter sill footing with ½" rebar (new)
  • Saltbox profile for more volume (same ridge height)
  • Side access double patio doors (new)
  • Steel cladding over ½" OSB (replacing clapboards)
  • 140 sq. ft. of glazing for natural working light (new)
  • R-19 ceiling, R-13 walls

Glazing is Lexan Thermoclear, a quarter-inch thick, hollow polycarbonate: 48 sq. ft. of new skylights, 36 sq. ft. of clerestories, and a 56 sq. ft. window-wall (in place of the overhead garage door).

(interior finish pending)
255 sq. ft. R-19 in ceiling
503 sq. ft. R-13 in walls
758 sq. ft. interior sheathing