The Interview

Short Film

Written by Mehran B. Moin
Directed by Alex Zhuravlov

Filming July-August 2011
Released December 2011
Runtime: 11 minutes

"We're not saying that your marriage isn't in good faith, but we've had many cases where the marriage was, unfortunately, a fraud."

That's how my character begins the interview. It starts out tense, under the veneer of pro forma pleasantries, but this pseudo-nationalization interview turns out to be a sweet and romantic short.


Mr. Moin - Mehran B. Moin
Mrs. Moin - Chelsea Taylor
Interviewer - Troy Halverson


Director - Alex Zhuravlov
Sound - Aaron Barnes

Mehran Moin, the writer, plays "Mr. Moin"

Chelsea Taylor plays "Mrs. Moin"

Alex Zhuravlov, Director and Camera

Aaron Barnes, Sound

Filmed at Rhodes Hall