Momentary Performances

Street theatre

Produced by Lee Walton
with a grant from The Flux Project
Directed by Lee Walton

Similar in spirit to flash mob live performances, I was part of one of Flux project street performances which happened Tuesdays in October at Emory University. A little weekly project that attempted to bring a poetic focus on an otherwise ordinary daily event by a gimmick: Signage was pre-placed in situ  to announce the day, time, and specific activity. That brought attention -- and a crowd -- to the mundane event, turning it into something significant, if only because it was now being noticed.

From the press coverage at

"Momentary Performances was able to defy the spectacle associated both with traditional theater and contemporary online social platforms. Walton’s project succeeds at challenging the physical boundaries of performance, while encouraging a viewer to see their environment poetically. [The] ephemeral...content can be the moment in which the viewer’s perception and routine are disrupted."