Decent Humans

Sketch comedy

Comedy shorts produced by Ken Maclaughlin and Leanna Adams 2014 to 2016
Their YouTube channel surpassed a million views on 12/13/2015.

Lady Justice

May 2015. Lady Justice is an Avengers-inspired satire with me playing the evil Doctor Telepathy. This was my first Decent Human shoot and first time playing for Ken since The Bachelorette Project back in 2013; I have been wanting to play with Leanna since I saw her in the award-winning Backtrack short in 2014. Fun that I got to play comedy with Brian Troxell since our previous work on the dramatic Bad Blood.

Director of Photography: Brock Hanson
Sound Engineer: Chris VanBrackle

Screwed Out of Tips

May 2015. Pretentious dad with trophy wife in a short showing various ways waiters (namely Ken and Leanna) get short-shifted on tips. With many other funny cheaters, including: Brian Troxell, Kim Hamilton, Alexa Rachelle, Dave Deutschle, Atkins Estimond, Steven Teuchert, Norio Nishimura, Teresa Graves, Tony Grillo, Chris Clabo, and Abbey Finch. Featured on the Funny Or Die home page May 1st, 2016. Shared on the Bitchy Waiter page April 22, 2017, logging over 500K views over the weekend and a million by April 28th!

Director of Photography: Joel Ruiz
Sound Engineer: Chris VanBrackle
Location: Kaleidoscope Bristro & Pub

Grilled Cheese Cat (working title Cat Actor)

June 2015. Fun and quick dinner table scene in this short by Decent Humans staring Leanna Adams. I'm channeling my best uptight passive aggressive parent in a bit with Jean Alexander, Ken MacLaughlin and Leanna. Premiere at The Plaza Theatre 22 June 2017 as part of Wonder Roots quarterly film screening.

Director: Michael Sokol
Director of Photography: Brock Hanson
Sound Engineer: Chris VanBrackle
Makeup: Brittaknee Cruz
Britt Pickering
Thunder Ehli
Naomi Smith