First Cut Action Movie

Long-form Improv

Director: Matthew Falkenberg
Cast: Molly Chase, Matthew Falkenberg, Troy Halverson, Bill Whorley, and Oliver Walsh.

Premiere JaCKPie performance: November 2010.

At least one Saturday a month, the cast of FIRST CUT improvises a live Indie Movie ― independent of script, score, or screen. Based off an original movie title provided by the audience, First Cut produces a live, comedic one-shot premiere every show. In 2010, we did Westerns; in 2011 we switched to Action movies. We take suggestions for the title of a never-seen-before movie from the audience, then make up a 45-minute story that includes signature elements from a movie genré.

This long-form improv show is inspired by the style of the Improv Playhouse of San Francisco. We all studied with Tim Orr and Regina Saisi and did our first runs of the format with them at the 2010 Black Box Comedy Festival. It is one of the four Featured Productions of JaCKPie Theatre.

Action Movie

"Somebody's gonna get blown up!"


"Somebody's gonna get shot!"

Terrible Tornados
The 01/22/2011 show is posted on YouTube:
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The 12/18/2010 show is posted on YouTube:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4