Friend Request

Horror-Thriller Short

Written and Directed by Joseph Lavender
Black Flightstudios

Filmed November 2014


A horror story about girl's social media texting and a friend request that ends badly, in the tradition of SAW or Hostel. I play the bad guy. Part of an Untitled Horror Anthology feature.

A "handsome and charming" 20-year-old headshot


I had a one-day shoot in this short, playing "a seemingly normal guy who could be your next door neighbor. Handsome and charming, with a underlying creep factor, he carries a dark secret". I don't have a lot of lines, but I do get the last word.

I'm also tickled to be cast as someone who is ‘handsome and charming’ ...nevermind the creep factor. Otherwise, the character breakdown could have also worked for my role in No Experience Necessary.

It will be released as part of a 2016 feature comprised of half a dozen horror-thiller stories.


Codi Waugh and I will also be playing in another feature, The Interns, filming in 2015.

Black Flight Studios short film ‘The Family That Preys’ won Grand Jury Best Film in the 2014 Atlanta 48 Hour Horror Film Project. It was on the schedule with my American Hell  short for the Buried Alive Film Fest November 22-23rd.


Filmed on one of the sets in Masquerade's Halloween Chamber of Horrors.
Braeden Orr shot almost all the behind the scenes photos.


Codi Waugh

Alexandra Bartee

Troy Halverson


Joseph Lavender
Writer, Director, Camera, Exec. Producer

Allie O’Neill
Production Design, Art Dept, AC

Braeden Orr