If I Am Your Mirror

Animated Short

Directed by Garrett DeHart
Written by Garrett DeHart, Timothy Georges, and Tommy Heffron
New Lexicon Productions

Log Line

A Civil War veteran (played by Larry Holden, Batman Begins, Memento) has some grim PTSD in this rotoscopically animated horror short inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

See the Trailer, watch a short Behind the scenes teaser, or see the entire film on Vimeo.


10/11/2014 Horrible Imaginings Film Fest
08/26/2013 Get Connected showcase
9/2012 Atlanta Underground Film Festival
10/27/2012 Silver Scream Spook Show
6/2011 Premiere at Plaza Theater
4/2010 Principal Photography


I'm the "Imp" prisoner in this adaptation of Poe's short 'narrator' stories like The Tell-Tale Heart. My lines are those of the narrator in The Imp of the Perverse, "I am safe. Yes, safe" etc. A stand-alone film, this short will also be used to secure funding for a feature film that will combine several of Poe's stories that feature a narrator. This was shot on a blue screen in HDV (F 900) and the footage run through an intensive post-production process, the goal being something that "looks like a dark Romantic painting come to life," a realist depiction of the story as it might have evolved in Poe’s dark imagination. The effect reminds me of the Robin William's film What Dreams May Come.

or see it on YouTube at www.youtube.com/UesU_QteNjE




Larry Holden

Old Man  

Bill Pacer


Mari Adams


Troy Halverson


Shane Morton


Rob Thompson


Gary Babiarz


Tim Batten


Bob Lanoue

Train Passenger  

Alpha Trivette


Steve Warren


Mark Ashworth



Editing and Animation  

Garrett DeHart


Steven Swiggart

Makeup, Practical Effects  

Shane Morton

Asst. Director  

Tommy Heffron


Danny Ramsey

Sound Engineer  

Jeff Engelson

Sound Engineer  

Jeff Morrow

Sound Engineer  

Stacey Mahoney


Christopher Escobar

Production Manager  

Angela Zaballa


Michele McCall

A Tell-Tale Heart

This short film started with the working title of 'A Tell Tale Heart' and the goal of using is a fund raising tool for an untitled feature-length project that will depict five of Poe’s stories.

Synopsis: Set on a foggy night in a Richmond, Virginia jail cell in the middle of 19th century--the time and location where Poe did most of his best work. Jailed in the cell, the viewer will find five of Poe’s characters from five favorite stories:

-   the narrator of The Tell-Tale Heart,
-   the narrator of The Black Cat,
-   the narrator of The Imp of the Perverse,
-   the narrator of The Raven, and ‘Montresor’, and
-   the narrator of The Cask of Amontillado,

all of whom await their deaths by hanging at dawn. The gallows from which they will hang wait in a courtyard just outside the jail, visible through the jail cell window. In the initial scene of the film, Edgar Allen Poe himself is led into the cell, having been arrested for public drunkenness. It’s during his time in the shared, dingy cell, that he hears each of the characters tell their tales. The narrators’ monologs will be directly derived from Poe’s texts insomuch as they will set the tone for the story.

The film is dedicated to Larry Holden (Batman Begins, Insomnia, Memento), the lead who died February 2011, just weeks before the movie premiered at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta.

New Lexicon Productions won the 'Best Use of Character' award in the 2009 Atlanta 48-hour Film Festival.