Gay Earthquake 2!

Short Film

Directed by Jessica Hernhatter
Produced by Nick Notte

I play eccentric director Klaus Von Herbenschnitzer in this behinds-the-scenes look at the making of a sequel. Set twenty years after the original movie, the "sequel" is a series of mishaps. Think The Office meets A Mighty Wind. Filmed in April 2010 by a student team from Emory University. Alas, I never got a hold of the final cut.

Main Cast

Troy Halverson - Klaus
Marten Carlson - Derrick
Bob Lanoue - Jerry
Tim Harland - Max
Patrick 'Patches' Buntichai - Tom
Jason Tyler - Roger


Nick Notte - Producer
Jessica Hernhatter - Director
Patrick 'Patches' Buntichai - Wardrobe
Maham Kwhaja - Sound Design