Kurrby Nash

Web Series Episode

Filmed by Trey Burns
Concept by Matt Maher
June 2010

Matt Maher as Kurrby Nash
Troy Halverson as Neighbor Steve

Log Line

Kurrby's outdoor Yoga is too risqué for his neighbor

I am the guest in an episode of Kurrby Nash, a tongue-in-check parody about a nudism enthusiast. It's in the spirit of "Best in Show".

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Kurrby is on Twitter

"It's Yoga Time with Kurrby Nash, take off your clothes and have a blast!

Kurrby Nash

"No Kurrby! This is indoor stuff!"

Neighbor Steve

"There's nothing better than nude yoga for reducing stress, increasing flexibility and strengthening your abs, back and connective tissues! When you shed your clothes, you're also shedding away insecurities and fear. Remember, before starting any exercise program, please consult with your physician!"

Kurrby Nash

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