The Memorandum

Stage Play

Written by Václav Havel
Directed by Greg Abbott
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

Winter 1991

Selected as part of the First International Theatre Festival to honor of Havel's recent election to the Czech presidency.

Havel said the play was inspired by the absurdities of life in Eastern Europe under Communism. It won an Obie Award for best foreign play. The play concerns the tribulations of a managing director of an organization encumbered by a bureaucracy that is out of control. The introduction of an artificial language, Ptydepe, is supposed to streamline office communications, but only makes it worse.


Gerry Allen - Peter Thumb
Phillip Anderson - Mr. Savant
Jean Delobel - Mr. Pillar
Elise Goldsmith - Hana
Troy Halverson - Mr. Stroll
Scott Hilly - Mr. Gross
Teresa Jarzynski - Maria
Tom Kemp - Mr. Column
Louise Penberthy - Helena
Peg 'Peggy' Shelton - Lear
John Stefanik - George
David Watson - Mr. Ballas


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott - Director
Lori Theriault - Stage Manager
Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott - Set Designer
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise - Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac - Lighting Designer
Glen Gordon - Sound Engineering
Stephanie (Muchlock) Degenaar - Properties Master
Julie Green - Costume Designer
Sherry Hampton - Makeup
Anthony A 'Tony' Vila - House Manager
Glen Gordon - Box Office Manager
Jimmy Rose - Original Music

Trivia: Since I was able to pick up the made-up language easily and speak it fluidly, I made cassette language tapes for the cast with which to rehearse. It helped to give everyone the same fake accent!