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July 2017

Screenings and Distribution

Mr Lockjaw at the Southern Shorts Awards

The prologue for the Mr. Lockjaw series was an award winner at the Southern Shorts Awards on July 15th. Wish I could have been there but I was on an all night shoot.

Restricted Diet - Hotlanta Horror

My take on a racist vampire can be seen in Restricted Diet, a comedy screening this month at the Horror Films in Hotlanta, a shorts film festival, July 17th. Happy that both me and Pamela Ricardo were nominated for best acting; even happier that Pamela took home the win.


Herman Jones - Horror Series

I'll be putting in a couple days on the set of Herman Jones Web Series playing an unscrupulous character. Easy day on the 8th; all-night shoot on the 15th. My character was lucky to excape the bloodbath (and I was wrapped at before 4 AM); other unfortunate souls were fighting for their lives as the sun came up.

Herman Jones (played by Joshua Haire) is a mentally unstable man who’s just trying to keep his life together. But bullying coworkers, weird hallucinations, violent impulses, and a cannibalistic cult aren’t making it any easier.
Recalled - Horror Short

Filmed a short spot, playing an anchor man, for the folks behind last year's Guest Room.

Haven’s End - Horror Feature

Another anchor man bit. In this one I got to deliver a ton of exposition for Haven’s End now in post-production. By the folks who made Attack of the Morningside Monster.