Simon Maxwell Interrogator

Feature Film

Crime Drama, Action-Thriller
Rogue Gypsy Films
Directed by Jack Spradlin
Written by Cecil E. Davis, Jr.
DP: Dick Mays

2013 Filmed 24 pages (of 93)

Log Line

A no-holds-barred interrogator must use all his military skills when old foes track down his family.

"I'm not here for your confession"

Teaser (0:30)
Trailer (2:07)

Tough guy Simon Maxwell (Clay Kraski) uses his military training and a variety of interrogation techniques to make a living State-side. When he is hired to find the missing niece of the local mob boss (Dick Mays), the tool is to torture a teacher (Troy Halverson). The tables turn, however, when Simon learns that the same cold-blooded terrorist (Santos d.l. Rosa) who captured and tortured him and his partner in Iraq is now loose in America. Now, with the lives of his family hanging in the balance, Simon and his partner must enlist an Israeli Mossad agent (Hayley Polak) and the District Attorney (TBD) to go head-to-head with the deadliest terrorist there is: one who has nothing to lose.


I got cast to play a piano teacher who kills and gets killed in some 17 pages that were filmed in 2013. The 9-page homicide scene, on it's own, could probably could be cut into a nice stand-alone short. Such a short might be used to support the marketing of the full feature production.

While I'm not exactly a good guy in this drama, for once I will be on the receiving end of the gruesome violence, including a long interrogation scene that was a real workout of my acting chops (think Omar Metwally in Rendition or Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man). There's a taste of that in that trailer and teaser.


10/2014: Shelved; funding exhausted
07/2014: Trailer released
11/2013: Day 4: 9-pg interrogation scene
07/2013: Day 3: 7-pg mobster scenes
06/2013: Full cast announced, SFX tests
06/2013: Day 2: Maxwell home
05/2013: Web site launched
04/2013: Day 1: 8-pg homicide scene
03/2013: Pre-production, casting


Jack Spradlin, Director
Cecil Davis, Writer, Producer
Matt Clanton, firearms adviser, fight choreographer
Mike Shrout, original score
Jennifer Silvers Trimble, SFX MUA
Damon Sauer, editing and sound
Alex Davis, Best Boy
Heather Place, Casting

Franz Shubert's Piano Trio, with Cello, in E Flat


Clay E. Kraski
as Simon Maxwell

Troy Halverson
as piano teacher Albert

Santos De La Rosa
as terrorist Umar

Hayley Polak
as Mossad agent Arya

as District Attorney David

Kyle Ware
as Simon’s partner Jason

Dick Mays
as Mobster Mr. Donatello

Harley Shellhammer
as mobster’s thug Tony

Enzo Silva
as snitch Abdul

Nicole Axelrod
as mobster’s niece Maria

as terrorist

Emma Svitil
as Simon’s daughter Savannah