1st Person Meets 3rd Person

Feature Film

Directed by Dan Hunter
Casting by Jullian McMillon
Written by D. Aaron Hunter, 130 pp.
Yellow Trigger Films
Filming 2013 was halted before production was complete


A deconstructed love story, told through flashbacks and present day, where former drug addict Sarah and her estranged husband James are struggling with a separation, trying to start a new life, but wondering if they made the right decision.


02/2012 Auditions
12/2012 Casting
01/2013 Table Read
04/2013 Re-Casting


02/2013 Started
04/2013 On hold
05/2013 Restart
12/2013 Halted & shelved


I'm a supporting character in this gritty drama, playing a Drug Enforcement Agent. The role consists of a handful of two-person scenes between me and the leading lady (8 pages). We shot about half of it in February with Anna Kimmel as Sarah. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts then necessitated re-casting. With any luck I will re-shoot and wrap the part in June with Byrn Striepe in the role of Sarah.

The rest of the script follows Sarah through several seasonal settings -- e.g., snow, Halloween -- so some production shoots will likely run late into the Fall. Examples of previous work by Yellow Trigger Films previous is in their production reel.

Selected Cast

Bryn Striepe as "Sarah"

Maxim Gukhman as "James"

Kim Vickery as "Aunt Sam"

Stephanie Stevens as "Brook"

Troy Halverson as "Cooper"

Amber L DeVos

Amber Erwin as "Ashby"

Jeremiah Parker Hobbs as "Thom"