Demonica’s Reign

Feature Film

Written and Directed by Daniella Garcia
Produced by Powerhouse Media Enterprises

March 2011 Release

Tag Line

Don't judge this book by its cover


In this suspense thriller, I play Joshua, a demon fighter in a rural 1800's flashback scene. When the incantations fail, I get sliced by Demonica while she is in the guise of little girl. The overall tone is reminiscent of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series. Surprisingly enough, a few years later I got a chance to work on Morningside Monster which also had a "Buffy" connection: it starred Nicholas Brendon who played Xander on the series.


Includes scenes that were shot on location in the ballroom at Relapse Theatre.

This role landed me my first IMDb acting credit


Maurice Chevalier also in Three Sisters
Aaron Glockle was also in Evolution Creek
Mark Rudge also in Trader Jack