Fahrenheit 451

Stage Play

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Book by
Directed by Greg Abbott
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

Fall 1991

Twice a show, I got to slide down a firepole from the ceiling as one of the despicable book-burning Firemen in this dytopic story. It was always a rush to look down from the hole we cut in the ceiling to the stage floor 16 feet below, and commit to grabbing the pole. Or fall to my death. Those were reckless days.

It was a relatively small role, with few lines, but while I was performing this show I was rehearsing the role of Scrooge in A Pickwick Christmas Carol and learning lines for The Illusion -- and working full time at Coca-Cola and working on a Masters Degree. I don't know when I found time to eat, let alone sleep.

Yes, those were reckless days.

Drama Tech's production of Fahrenheit451, 1991


Jeff Baxter - Melville
David Benedict - Aristotle
Stacie Booker - Alice
Craig Bryant - Oscar Wilde
Don DeBord - Montag
Ken Grady - Tolstoy
Nick Hain - Dostoevski
Troy Halverson - Holden
Laura Hoffheins - Mildred
Cameron Horne - First Paramedic
Natalie Hunter - Helen
Shira Kapplin - Clarisse
Kelly-Ann Kissman - St. Exuperey
Glen Kyle - Robert Louis Stevenson
Charles Loflin - Second Paramedic
George Obath - Black
Vicky A Pickens - Plato
Cassandra R Rhodes - Bronte
Sandra Rousseau - Mrs. Hudson
Steven Sams - Faber
Laura Hewatt Sukalac - Tolkein
Suzanne Tilleman - Rostand
Jack Winnick - Beatty


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott - Director
Jonathan MacQueen - Assistant Production Manager
Amanda Canup - Stage Manager
Dan Puckett - Assistant Stage Manager
Brian 'Egon' Smith - Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Dougherty - Master Carpenter
Thom 'Goose' Sukalac - Lighting Designer
Tharen Debold - Special Effects Designer
Ken Grady - Slide Art
Glen Gordon - Sound Designer
Edward Hefter - Sound Operator
K.M.F.P. 'Kenn' Leeds - Properties
Jimmy Rose - Costume Designer
Phillip Seaver - Makeup
Vicky A Pickens - Publicity
Tharen Debold - Program Designer
Jimmy Rose - Original Music

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