A Pickwick Christmas Carol

Stage Play

Troy Halverson as Scrooge

Adapted by Greg Abbott
Directed by Amy Van Fleet
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

December 1991

In this original adaptation from the Dickens 1843 classic, A Christmas Carol, and the lesser-known Pickwick Papers, we open with a Pickwickian grave-digger (David Bennedict) whose Christmas Eve encounter with a gobblin takes us into and out of a dream-like telling of the Scrooge parable. The Scrooge story is re-cast, however, into a two-person play, with one actor playing Scrooge (Troy Halverson) and another (Jonathan MacQueen) playing all the ghosts and disemboddied voices. By consolidating roles for all the supporting characters, like Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchet, the story is focused specifically on the journey and epiphany of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Then, when the gobblin's lesson of Scrooge is concluded, the hapless grave-digger awakes and vows to change his life for the better.


Troy Halverson - Ebeneezer Scrooge
Jonathan MacQueen - Gobblin, et. al.
David Bennedict - Grub, a grave-digger


Amy Van Fleet - Director and Light Design