Horror Hotel: Invader

Web Series Episode

Sci-Fi Suspence-Drama (12 minutes)

Director: Kyle Kukshtel
DP: Donovan Henneberg-Verity
Writer: Al Hess
Creator, A.D.: Ricky Hess
Producer: Horror Hotel LLC

Log line

Locals panic when a sci-fi writer's story sounds like a real alien invasion

Watch the 30-second teaser here or watch the whole episode below.



Susan Moss is the paranoid "Helen Kravitz" who believes aliens stole my boyfriend!

Troy Halverson plays secretive "Joe Wood"

James Edward Thomas returns to the Horror Hotel series in the role of the innocent sci-fi writer, "Rodney Silvers"

Jerry Irwin plays the kooky aluminum-helmet "Gerald Boyd"

Darien Johnson plays the nervous, pistol wielding "Mikey Bone"

Film Festivals Laurels

This is the 4th episode of Horror Hotel and is an old-school sci-fi, Ray Bradbury-style, story. It's about a writer, Rodney Silvers, who checks into a motel to work on his latest science fiction novel. When a power outage on a hot summer night drives guests outdoors, nosey Helen Kravitz (Susan Moss) and Joe Wood (Troy Halverson) overhear Silvers in his room speaking of "invading the earth." Helen's active imagination convinces her, Joe, and an unlikely local posse, that Silvers must be an alien from outer space.

The down-side is that their confrontation with Rodney does not go well.

The up-side is I get to play a good guy -- for most of the movie.


Jan 2017: Season 1 on Amazon Prime
Mar 2015: Rotation in Europe on the Short Movie Channel. Continental!
Oct 2014: Miami Web Fest
Sep 2014: Raindance Film Web Fest in the UK
Jul 2014: Season 1 is now streaming on Xfinity
Jun 2014: Filming Season 2 episode Coma Girl
Jun 2014: Streaming on AT&T U-verse, MSN Video, and Hulu
May 2014: Toronto Web Fest
Mar 2014: Series Listed on IMDb
Mar 2014: LA Web Fest - AWARD - Outsanding Original Series
Oct 2013: Short Listed on IMDb
Oct 2013: ATL Web Fest
Sep 2013: Get Connected screening
Sep 2013: Hot Springs Horror Festival
Jan 2013: Filming, on RED camera


Kyle Kukshtel, Director, Editor

Donovan Henneberg-Verity, Director of Photography, Co-editor

Debbie Hess, Exec. Producer, CD

Al Hess, Writer and Carpenter

Ricky Hess, Asst. Director, Creator


Director/Editor - Kyle Kukshtel
Writer/Carpenter - Al Hess
Executive Producer/Casting Director - Debbie Hess
Director of Photography/Co editor - Donovan Henneberg-Verity
Camera Operator/Director of Photography - Ben Lambeth
Composer - Royal Teague

Assistant Director - Ricky Hess

Makeup FX - Cidnee Richardson

Gaffer - Steven Walker, Garrett Murck
Grip - Matt Ediger
Electric - Dave Lillethun

1st Assistant Camera- Gerhardt Slawitschka
2nd Assistant Camera - Hunter Hughes, Louella Lugo, Daniel Frazier
Sound Production - Henry Howard
DIT/Colorist - Nick Anderson
Loader - Katie Morris

Car Prop - Sam McDade
Gun Prop - Brad Barfield

Horror Hotel Title Logo Design - Torey Haas
Horror Hotel Title Logo Animation - Josh Ewell
Special Thanks - Brandon Jolley, Jeremy Harris, Elli Mayhem, Art Institute of Atlanta

Horror Hotel Created by Ricky Hess

Horror Hotel Web Series


The Horror Hotel web series is inspired by the old Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents programs. Different shorts stories with different casts and crews for each episode all take place at the same run-down motor-court hotel.

Season 2 Trailer

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Season 1 of the anthology released in summer 2013, streaming on Direct TV, Hulu, U-verse, xfinity, MSN Video, Amazon Prime, and other channels. I appear in the Invader episode, which played at Raindance in 2014.

Season 2 began production in 2014 and premiered at The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta in 2015. I appear in the Coma Girl episode. The entire season was released VOD in July 2016 as Horror Hotel: The Movie, available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

Production started on Season 3 in 2016.


I had such a blast last night at the Horror Hotel season 2 premiere! Last night was great and everything was perfect. I couldn’t have wished for a better screening. I’m not sure I could ever express enough gratitude to everyone who came out to see my show. I only ever wanted to just be a part of making films because I love movies and TV so much. It’s even better when others can enjoy watching it.

To my beautiful actors, you guys are the faces of Horror Hotel. You do something I could never do (trust me, I’ve tried and it was pretty dreadful). It’s no surprise that the number one thing I hear is how great the cast is. It means the World to me how much you guys support us!

To the crew, it takes a village to make a show like this (over 100 people just for Horror Hotel). I literally can’t do it by myself and I am so fortunate to have the most talented people I know helping me.

Of course, as many of you know, my parents are a huge driving force behind the show. Any success I’ve seen has been because of my Mom’s management of the series and I’d have nothing to film if my Dad didn’t write brilliant stories.

To our wonderful fans, you guys keep us doing what we do. I’m so grateful that anyone wants to watch my show at all. Because you guys keep watching, we get to continue making this wonderful series. Thank you all!

Ricky Hess