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Stage Musical

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Valerie Watts
Musical Direction by Craig McConnell
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

May 1992


Troy's only on-stage injury to date took place during this production. One night Sarah Lancaster failed to land the scripted slap on his face so Troy ad libbed "You missed me!" in character. Not missing a beat, Sarah took another swing, and her unexpected hit caught him off guard, slamming his lower jaw into the upper. He struggled through the next monologue with a chip of tooth floating around his mouth.

Drama Tech has had a tradition of having it's iconic toaster on every set since the early 1990. Where do you put an electric toaster on classical set? For those who looked closely, the Roman Temple in stage center had a roof apex that glinted with chrome.



Gerry Allen - Pseudolus
Jeff Baxter - Hero
David Benedict - Protean
John Burke - Marcus Lycus
Heather Darby - Vibrata
Troy Halverson - Senex
Susan Hatcher - Protean
Renee Johnson - Geminae
Shira Kapplin - Geminae
Kelly-Ann Kissman - Gymnasia
Sarah Lancaster - Domina
Michael Lott - Protean
Dan Puckett - Erronius
Bret Skelton - Miles Gloriosus
Ann space Marie Thomas - Philia
Stephanie Thompson - Panacea
Suzanne Tilleman - Tintinabula
Barry West - Hysterium


Valerie Watts - Director
Ken Grady - Assistant Director
Tharen Debold - Assistant Director
Craig McConnell - Music Director
Brian 'Egon' Smith - Stage Manager
Scott Sargent - Set Designer
Scott Sargent - Master Carpenter
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch - Lighting Designer
Lawrence 'Marvin' Sharp - Light Operator
Craig Bryant - Properties
Courtney Roberts - Costumes
Phillip Seaver - Makeup
Gerry Allen - Publicity
Alice Murray Wright - Off Campus Marketing
Vicky A Pickens - House Manager
Kevin Lehde - Theatre Maintenance

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