World Heritage Sites



I've hit just about every one of World Heritage sites in the USA, and all but two in the Lower Forty-eight. Active links on the map and list below for more info from UNESCO.

This image shows all 20 world heritage sites in the 50 states, Canada, and US Territories Wrangell-St.Elias link Everglades link Grand Canyon link Pueblo Taos link Yellowstone link Chaco Canyon link Carlsbad Caverns link Cahokia Mounds link Wateron/Glacier link Mesa Verde link Yosemite link Olympic link Redwood link Hawaii Volcanoes link Mammoth Cave link Great Smokey Mountains link Monticello link Independence Hall link Statue of Liberty link Fortaleza link I've visited most the sites that are also National Parks. Click here to see the full list British Columbia / Alaska Link


Outside of the United States there are another 941 World Heritage Sites (as of 2012). Below are the few I have managed to get to, or have on my Bucket List.

For the other World Heritage sites, see