Landing Star

Mixed Comedy and Dance

Choreographed by Kate Holland
A Landingstar Production at Seven Stages Theater
Premiere performance December 6th, 2009

I had a blast of working with some talented dancers on a fun bit of choreogprahy, with me playing a hapless homeless man who dreams of mannequins coming to life. We dance -- well, they dance, I attempt to dance -- to the sound of Crimson and Clover as covered by Prince.

If you get a chance to see Kate Holland's work, please do. Her work is delightful. The full evening's program is below.


Landing Star ensemble includes Jessica Aponte, Madison Folks, Nardja el Shabazz, Laura Smallwood, Aubry Meers, Rui Thomas, Michelle Maxwell, Julia Quinn and Kate Holland. All choreography created by Kate Holland. Jessica Aponte and Madison Folks appear through courtesy of Decatur City Dance. This evening's program emcee is John Martin.


Diane Lassila Production Stage Manager/Lighting Designer
Sam Carter Sound Board Operator
Deisha Oliver Assistant Stage Manager
Lisa Green House Manager

Landingstar (n.)
a light streaming across the sky,
leaving an image of lasting beauty,
an unforgettable memory.

Landingstar Snowflake

Excerpts from Bliss

music: Chopin
for our mothers for Grace, for Lonnie
premiered May 2009
performed by the ensemble

your hands - wind on the island - your laughter

poetry by Pablo Neruda
recorded voice: John Martin
performer: Kate Holland


music: Prince. Crimson & Clover
part one: peace piece
part two: I think I could love her
performed by the ensemble with guest actor/comedian Troy Halverson

Readings from "Gift from the Sea"

by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
voice artist: John Martin

on the aeriel

music: Kate Bush
premiere December 2009
performed by the ensemble