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January 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Mr. Lockjaw - Pilot
Mr. Lockjaw screened January 16th at the Macabre Faire Film Festival, a.k.a., #SundanceWithFangs. Although my nomination for Best Actor didn’t survive the competition, the show did WIN for Best Editing, Best Special Effects, and Best Directing. Big congrats to Director Byron Conrad Erwin on his haul!

There is also a write up this month at Dead, Burried, & Back

AmericanHell - Short

On January 16th American Hell premieres on DIRECTV (CH.573) and AT&T U-verse (CH.1789) via ShortsHD (The Short Movie Channel). Written by Nicholas Begnaud; shot by Trevor Metscher. Starring Hannah Fierman, Josh Mikel, John Kap, Mark Ashworth, Lane Miller, Lesley Warren, and yours truly.


Jacob Banigan - Improv workshop

Really enjoyed a workshop on the 9th at Dad's Garage (and in their new home on Ezra Street) with Jacob Banigan. I haven't done an improv show, much less a workshop, in a couple years so it was fun to play again. Banigan was Artistic Director for 10 yrs at Canada’s Rapid Fire Theatre (where Dad's Kevin Gillese came from) but he now works in Graz, Austria, with Theater im Bahnhof, in Vienna with English Lovers, and everywhere with the Rocket Sugar Factory.

The Improviser on stage is a Triad: simultaneously the Actor, Writer, and Director. The Scene on stage is both Process and Product; created and complete at once. To make all of these aspects work in harmony, the Improviser actually must disappear. The setting and character must become more real than the actual stage and performer. Our ego got us to the stage, but is then stashed away, so that the truth of the scene emerges.