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February 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood - Feature Trailer

The official trailer for Tim Reis's movie Bad Blood came out on the 24th. Lots of great effects, several of which involved my character, including a "blood canon" and a custom-cast, full-chest latex prosthetic, thanks to James Sizemore. I really enjoyed playing an intense private investigator in this "werefrog" horror. Premieres next month at the Chattanooga Film Festival.


Mr. Lockjaw - First Con-tact Film Fest

Back in New York, another screening of Mr Lockjaw on Sat Feb 20th at the First Con-tact Film Festival. I sure love how big they made our poster on theirs. Facebook Event

Other Stuff

Google Cloud Platform

This site is almost 50% faster on repeat page views after migrating to Google’s Cloud Platform. It was a happy side-effect of my work to get rid of hosting fees. Google has a free plan for static sites so, after some reconfiguration and writing a new publishing function, I now upload static pages there instead of relying on an active PHP host.

Also cool: after playing a bit with Google's App Engine, I'm now Jonesing for an app idea to build on the platform. That costs, but Google makes it easy start cheap and still be able to spin up more capacity if your app gets crazy popular. Just need a monetization strategy -- and ideally an app idea that hasn't already been done to death.


blackhats - Georgia Entertainment Gala

The Georgia Entertainment Gala is February 6th and the feature Blackhats has a nomination for best picture. I had a one-day shoot on this in a scene opposite the lead Errol Sadler. During one week in October the movie actually had the distinction of having the highest per-screen box office revenue in the U.S. (abeit it was only screening in one cinema!). It didn't pick up a win at this event but I'm still happy I've been above the line in a show with a official box office record.