Jul Jun May

June 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Mr. Lockjaw

Official selection. Mr. Lockjaw will be screening at the Hoboken Int’l Film Festival June 6th at 4PM. This is one of the larger festivals in the U.S. and typically declines 90% of the films submitted.

Closer to home, it will also screen in Atlanta Saturday 2:45 PM June 18th at Terminus film festival. I was there for Q&A after with director Bryon Conrad Erwin and writer Justin Craig. 173 14th Street (formerly the 14th St. Playhouse, now SCADShow). Happy to watch several other excellent features over the weekend including "The Arbalest" (2016 SXSW Grand Jury Winner), "It Had to Be You", "Bear With Us", and "Undrafted". Also saw several shorts from Campus Movie Fest which this year moved from L.A. to Atanta.


IsmProv - Dad’s Garage

A bit of improv this month, performing with George Faughnan and company at Dad’s Garage. We reprised an Ism Prov show as part of the Improv Revolution summer series to "push the improv envelope and showcase performances that have never been seen before." Wednesday June 8th 8PM, with Ricky Boynton, Cris Gray, Mark Kendall, Tara Ochs, and Josh Warren. [The audience gave us fascism]

Guest Room - Short Film

One day shoot playing the "guest" for a horror short that is in the spirit of Lights Out or Tuck Me In . They made me dirty for this one. Nothing to share quite yet but the Facebook page

Pre production

Ali Schmidt - Short Film

I am cast for a role in a 30-page social awareness short, with about 7 pages for my character. The story is something of a dramatic mix of Orwell's 1984 and racial prejudice. I'll be bringing my Germanic good looks to the melting pot. This month we're filming some excerpts for a fundraising campaign video. They hope to do the full shoot this fall.


The Blank Page - Table Read

Got a vocal workout at the table read for a prologue episode of Mr Lockjaw at The Blank Page Screenwriters workshop on June 28th, Barrington Hall, in Roswell. Three-page scenes talking to yourself really works the vocal chords.