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July 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Mr. Lockjaw - Fantasmagorical Film Fest

BEST HORROR FEATURE awarded to Mr Lockjaw at the Fantasmagorical Film Fest in Louisville, KY. Woot!

Bad Blood - Fantasia - Montreal

The international premiere of Bad Blood is in Montreal in the 20th Fantasia Film Fest, screening July 23rd at midnight. Fangoria included it their Dreadful Ten of the most anticipated films at the fest. It was reported that Shoreline Entertainment has picked up worldwide sales rights. merci beau coup.

Blackhats - Amazon Prime

After a limited theatrical release last October where it hit #1 in per-screen gross for one week, Blackhats is now available on Amazon Prime.

Horror Hotel - Amazon Prime

Season two of Horror Hotel is out this month on Amazon Prime as "Horror Hotel: The Movie". It includes the Coma Girl episode I was in with Neil Ramsay and Amber Seidel.

Mr. Snuggles - Roku TV Peachflicks

The inspiration for the Mr Lockjaw was our 2013 short film Mr Snuggles which is now available on the Peachflicks channel on Roku TV, where it's free to 32+ million subscribers. Other VOD platforms are in the works.


Mr. Lockjaw - Prologue Episode 1

After last month's table read at The Blank Page Screenwriters Workshop, we started production on origins/prologue episode for Mr Lockjaw, continuing the story of the the award winning episode we've had running in film festivals. Fun studio scene this month with onscreen help from Terry Douglas, Leanna Adams, and Brian Troxel at MAP Studios. That plus some train shots gets over 20% of the script filmed this month.

My precious...

IsmProv - Dad’s Garage

A bit of improv this month, performing with George Faughnan and company at Dad’s Garage. We reprised an Ism Prov show as part of the Improv Revolution summer series to "push the improv envelope and showcase performances that have never been seen before." Wednesday July 20th 8PM, cast George Faughnan, Ricky Boynton, Mark Kendall, myself, and Clint Sowell on guitar.


Fim Bar Monday

The 100th Film Bar Monday is this month,
at The Independent on Independence Day.

Georgia Production Partnership

Poolside on the 12th. GPP is a coalition of companies and individuals working to grow the state’s film, video, music, and interactive game industries. Tickets