Exit the Body

Stage Play

Written by Fred Carmichael
Directed by Terri Koslowsky
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

August 1988

My first college play performance was this 3-act drawing room farce. Modestly, my first appearance is at the end of Act I -- when my character is discovered hanging unconscious by a hook in a center-stage closet. I sport a head bandage through the rest of the show as I slowly regains my memory as a detective solving a crime.

Since then, nobody one puts Troy in a closet!

Big contrast: It was 26 years before I played a detective again, and then it was in dramatic films Bad Blood and The Interns.


Jennifer Burge - Kate Bixley
Amanda Canup - Lillian Seymour
Claude Farmer - Vernon Cookley
Troy Halverson - Phillip Smith
David Jelinek - Lyle Rogers
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise - Richard Hammond
Lorraine Allen - Helen O'Toole
Robbie Schwab - Jenny
John Stefanik - Randolph
Mason Wood - Crane Hammond


Terry Kozlowski - Director
Tharen Debold - Stage Manager
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor - Set Designer
Marc Levinson - Set Construction Crew Chief
Chris Jordan - Lighting Designer
Chris Jordan - Light Crew Chief
William 'Bill' Landolina - Sound Crew Chief
Lorraine (Allen) Rose - Costume Crew Chief
Lorraine (Allen) Rose - Publicity Crew Chief
Tharen Debold - Publicity Crew Chief

Some photos from IMDT