Troy Halverson

Actor Biography

I'm a screen and stage actor in Atlanta, most recently in indie features and short films. I'm often cast in heavy roles: sociopaths, psychotics and just plain criminals. See demo reels.


Films I've been in include over dozen feature-length works, a few music videos and web series, and many shorts. Dozens are listed on the Internet Movie Database. I am especially proud of my lead role in Mr. Lockjaw, a series that garnered over a dozen festival awards and a couple nominations for me as Best Actor.

Trivia: my Bacon Number is 2


I'm a veteran of hundreds of improv shows: ensemble and solo, short-form and long-form, cast member and host. Most were at Relapse Theatre and JaCKPie Theatre, including five years in the 2 Girls 3 Eyes troupe and in Improv! The Musical. I have even improvised industrials for MARTA and Improv Everywhere.


I've done a handful of commercials: playing a car salesman in a series of TV spots, a mentor, a lawyer, and a panhandler. I've also done some voice-over spots.


Stage credits include over two dozen plays, several comedy sketch shows, and a handful of musicals. Among my favorites, the four-person drama, Closer, Sondheim's musical Assassins, and A Soldier’s Play. I also directed a dark 3-person play, The Widow’s Blind Date. A full list is on my resumé.