How the Other Half Loves

Stage Play

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Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Marcia Edwards
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

August 1989

In this comedy of perpetual deceptions, two couples, the Fosters (played by Troy Halverson and Britton Bolton) and the Phillipses (Dave Jelinek and Jenifer Burge), are in their own living rooms, visible to the audience but not to each other. The set design places both rich and poor rooms overlapping each other so characters keep crossing over into each other's spaces. The centerpiece is a cross-shapped dining room table that includes components from both the upper and lower class homes. Telephone calls are made on the sly between Fiona and Bob who are having an affair but the wrong wife or the wrong husband invariably picks up the receiver. Idiotic conversations or hang-ups abound.

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Brittony Bolton - Fiona Foster
Jenifer Burge - Teresa Phillips
Amanda Canup - Mary Detweiler
Troy Halverson - Frank Foster
David Jelinek - Bob Phillips
Jimmy Rose - William Detweiler


Marcia Edwards - Director
Don DeBord - Production Manager
Janie Liang - Stage Manager
Bruce Starr - Set Designer
Al Degenaar - Master Carpenter
Dan Dougherty - Master Carpenter
Tharen Debold - Lighting
Glen Gordon - Sound
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise - Properties
Marc Levinson - Properties
Christi Redic - Costumes
Wes Schrader - Makeup
Anita Redic - Poster Design
Trevor Markley - House Manager

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