The 15 Minute Hamlet

Stage Play

Written by Tom Stoppard
Produced by Drama Tech Studio Theatre
Directed by Lorrain Allen

In September 1989, this was performed with A Midsummer's Night Dream
In April 1990 it was part of a showcase with Isle of Dogs

from back cover of the The 15 Minute Hamlet script:

"Following his success with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard takes the most well-known and best-loved lines from Shakespeare's Hamlet to create a hilarious version of the play that lasts a mere 13 minutes, followed by an encore which is a 2-minute version of the play. The multitude of original characters are played by only six actors and some hectic doubling makes for an irreverent romp through the Bard's work."

Trivia: in our 1989 production the encore was performed with the actors lined up, dropping to the floor as their character died, like a rapid firing line. In the 1990 revival, the actors performed it using sock puppets which were tossed unceremoniously to the floor as each character was killed. Punch and Judy do iambic pentameter!

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1990 CAST

Phillip Andersen - Hamlet
Tharen Debold - Bernard/Marcellus/Laertes
Dave Jelinek - Fransisco/Rosencrantz/Ghost
Jimmy Rose - Shakespeare/Claudius/Polonius
Laura Hoffiens - Gertrude
Troy Halverson - Ophelia
Steve Sams - Chorus
John Tweel - Chorus
Eddie Maise - Chorus

1989 CAST

Going from memory here so as best I can recall:
Jimmy Rose - Hamlet
[forgot] - Bernard/Marcellus/Laertes
[forgot] - Fransisco/Rosencrantz/Ghost
[forgot] - Shakespeare/Claudius/Polonius
Sheila Coker - Gertrude
Troy Halverson - Ophelia
[forgot] - Chorus