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September 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood - Y’allywood Film Festival

Winner of Best Feature at the 2016 Chattanooga Film Fest, and fresh from film festivals in Montreal and London, Bad Blood has it's Atlanta premiere on Sept 30th at the Y’allywood Film Fest. I play a detective in this amphibious take on the werewolf trope.


Mr. Lockjaw - Prologue

Going into September, we're down to the last 9 pages of the script for the next episode for Mr Lockjaw. In front of the camera, we're shooting with Deborah Childs, Tony Grillo, Lex Mattox, Carl Childers and, of course, the puppet.

IsmProv - Dad’s Garage

A live improv show this month, performing with George Faughnan and company at Dad’s Garage, Wednesday the 8th at 8PM. The Ism Prov show is part of the Improv Revolution summer series. Give us an "-ism" and we riff an alt-philosophy show based on it. With Ricky Boynton, Spencer Stephens, and Matt Hobbs on keyboard.


Fim Bar Monday

At The Independent on Labor Day for Film Bar Monday. Sept 5.