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October 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood - Feature

There are four, Four, FOUR film fest screenings of Bad Blood this month: at the Spooky Movie Int’l Film Fest in Washington, D.C, on the 8th; at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival on the 9th; at the SITGES Film Fest outside Barcelona, Spain, on the 14th and the 15th; and then at the Knoxville Horror Film Fest on Friday the 21st. From one review, "Halverson practically steals the show." So cool.

Mr. Lockjaw - Pilot

A BEST FEATURE Win for Mr Lockjaw in the Diabolical Horror Film Festival this month. And I also picked up another Best Actor nomination for my role as the psychotic ventriloquist.

Guest Room - Short Film

Another three-fer of official selection screenings for Guest Room this month at the Spooky Empire Horror Film Festival, running Oct. 7th - 9th 2016 in Orlando, Florida; at the Nightmares Film Festival running Oct 20th to the 23rd in Columbus, Ohio, and at the Legless Corpse Film Festival running Halloween weekend, Oct. 29th & 30th in Alabama. I got to play the crazy guy in this very short horror and a less supernatural variation of Bedfellows, in the spirit of Lights Out or Tuck Me In.

Hope - Sci Fi Short

New milestone: a science fiction short film I am in with Amor Owens has racked up 100K views in under 7 months. Hope is a tragic-romantic story, with a bit of green screen work and beautiful computer graphics for the outer space backdrops. This is now my most-viewed video on YouTube after Anatomy Of Love. Directed by Frank Anderson; produced by Guts & Style Films.

Horror Hotel The Movie - iTunes

The Horror Hotel anthology got listed this month in iTunes, adding to to its distribution cloud that includes Amazon Prime and Hule. The movie includes the Coma Girl episode I was in with Neil Ramsay and Amber Seidel.


Mr. Lockjaw - Prologue

A handful of days shooting this month on the prologue episode for Mr Lockjaw including 3 for my character. Justin Craig and Byron Erwin have come up with some delightfully dark sets for this episode that look glorious on camera.

Driver - Premiere Episode

A fun one-day shoot for the premiere episode of Driver, a noir series written and directed by Damon Wood. Short and sweet scenes, opposite Rhett Johnson, who is the Driver, and Mary Tabor, who plays an underage femme fatale.