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August 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood - FrightFest - London

Across the pond, the European premiere of Bad Blood is on the 28th at London's "Woodstock of Gore". More about the fest at Bloody Disgusting and Screen Daily. Movie reviews in Tom Holland’s Terror Time and Projected Figures.

Atheist’s Dinner Party - Something Wicked Film Fest

This little sarcastic short is screening at the 2016 Something Wicked Film Festival. Written by Justin Craig, produced by Kevin L. Powers, directed by Byron C. Erwin. Not for the easily offended, Atheist Dinner Party features Yours Truly and 5 others in a get together where religion, politics, good manners and just about everything else ust about everything else is up for debate...including what's for dinner. At the Southern Performing Arts Academy, Sat 13 Aug 5:15 PM

Restricted Diet - Something Wicked Film Festival

Another Official Selection of the 2016 Something Wicked Film Festival is the premiere of Restricted Diet. In it I play a descipably pickey eater with a Belagosi accent opposite the lovely Pamela Ricardo. From director Candace Mabry and Broken Lighthouse Pictures. Sunday 14 Aug 1PM .


Mr. Lockjaw - Prologue Episode 1

Some more shooting scheduled for the next episode for Mr Lockjaw including an interrogation scene with onscreen help from Tony Grillo, Carl Childers, Dojo Turnbull, Baby Norman and half a dozen Munchkins. By the end of this month we'll have two-thirds of the 26-page script filmed.

IsmProv - Dad’s Garage

A bit of improv this month, performing with George Faughnan and company at Dad’s Garage, Wednesday the 17th 8PM. The Ism Prov show is part of the Improv Revolution summer series. Give us an "-ism" and we do an alt-philosophy with the idea. This time we had fun riffing on colonialism, with Cris Gray, Ronnie Lopez, and and Matt Hobbs on keyboard.