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November 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Buried Alive Film Fest

Neat to have 2 films screening at the 2016 Buried Alive Film Fest at 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points. The short film Guest Room is screening on the 19th in the 2PM block and the feature Bad Blood is closing out the festival on Nov. 20th at 8PM.

I play a bad guy in both but, of course, you get to see a lot more of my badness in the feature film, you know, in case you're looking to maximize your badness value for the buck.


Mr. Lockjaw - Prologue

This month we are wrapped on principal photography for this 30 minute episode. We did a photo shoot at MAP Studio for publicity photos -- posters, web site, etc.

photo: Byron C. Erwin, Lex Mattox, Tony Grillo, Matt Wasdin, RC Sayyah, Justin Craig
Deborah Childs, Mr. Lockjaw, Troy Halverson, Debra Adams, Baby Norman

Other Stuff

Home Atelier Architecture Design

Against all my better judgement, I'm thinking about building a custom home.

I'd like a big natural-light studio that is about half the total square footage ― my version of a Man Cave. The French might call it an atelier but my overall design came out more like a minimalist Tuscan barn or industrial romanesque.

I'm getting a kick out of using Sketchup to create fly-thru videos of the model. Now, with luck, this design excercise alone will be enough to exhaust my interest and save me the expense of actually building the darn thing.