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October 2017

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood: The Movie

Sweet! We got a decent review in the LA Times!

Bad Blood gets a week long run starting Friday the 13th in Passadena. It is also streaming on many On Demand platforms including Amazon, Spectrum, Vudu, DirecTV, Google Play, and iTunes. Glad to see this got some decent distribution since its 2016 run of film festivals included wins for Best Feature and for the Score, which can be heard on Spotify.

Grilled Cheese Cat

Leanna Adams plays the funny cat actor in 'Grilled Cheese Cat' screening at the fabulous Y'allywood Film Festival. It's one of the sketches I had the pleasure of doing with Decent Humans back in 2015 and I have one scene it in. The short premiered in June. This month it's showing on the 14th, 7 Stages Theater, during the Comedy Shorts block at 1:30 PM.

Pre Production

Mr. Lockjaw Feature - Dé Ja Vu Table Read

Justin Craig keeps cranking out stories for this sadistic puppet and his psychotic ventrilloquist. His first feature-length story got its table-read 3½ years ago. I'll get to voice his latest one at the end of the month, at the Harp Irish Pub (yay, beer!). In between those, I have really enjoyed playing these two characters in his more "economical" scripts, an hour-long pilot and a half-hour episode. Those garnered several awards at film festivals. Anyway, looking forward to the read and, wistfully, someone to fund more ambitious productions from Justin's sick and tormented soul.

Residential Architecture


Task cascade: the new garage cladding I finished in August looked so good that it made me hate the 16-year-old white vinyl sidding on the back of my house — I had to refinish the house to match. Roof and side walls.

Task cascade: that motivated me to refresh the balcony, removing 200 sq. ft. of worn out decking and a decade+ of leaf litter trapped underneath. New plywood underlayment, water barrier. Top surface is now easy-to-sweep outdoor carpet.

Work in progress. Still need to do the dormer walls and balcony railings but am torn between cladding them in the brown or the tan. Corten might be neat too. TBD.

Loving how this is coming together, skirting between "co-ordinated backyard" and "warehouse compound."