A Peachtree Haunting

Stage Play

Written by Joe Reese
Directed by Lorrain Allen
Produced by Drama Tech Theatre

January 1990

I played a phony exorcist in this drawing-room con of a Atlanta matriarch who had an overinflated view of The South. Whenever she said 'peachtree' the theme from God With The Wind played. I loved playing with a Bela Lugosi accent and having a grand entrance in a cloud of dry-ice fog.


Sheila Coker - Mrs. Ridgemorton
Travis Halbrook - Police Officer
Troy Halverson - Exorcist
Laura Hoffheins - Cherelle Ridgemorton
Sann McKee - Real Estate Agent
Aliesh Rekoc - Molly Heckett
Steven Sams - Ghost


Lorraine Allen - Director
Eddie Maise - Set Designer, Construction, Props
Tharen Debold - Lighting Designer
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor - Sound
Sheila Coker - Costumes
Jimmy Rose - Poster Design
Troy Halverson - Program Designer

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