Horror Hotel: Coma Girl

Web Series Episode


Director: Ricky Hess
DP: Ryan Presley
Writer: Al Hess
Creator: Ricky Hess
Producer: Horror Hotel LLC
Runtime: 13 min


A macabre maintenance man falls in love with a comatose patient at the convalescent home where he works, much to the dismay of her faithful husband.


Oct 2016: Available on iTunes
Jul 2016: Available on Amazon Prime
Jul 2016: Released in Horror Hotel: The Movie
Dec 2015: The Plaza Theatre, entire Horror Hotel Season 2
Jan 2015: Premiere
Jun 2014: Filming
May 2014: Auditions, casting, rehearsal


Coma Girl is a strange tale of love gone weird. Bob Yates (Troy Halverson) has secretly fallen in love with comatose patient Connie (Amber Seidel). Her husband, Marvin, (Neil Ramsay) is unaware of the situation and enlists Bob's help to sneak Connie out of the convalescent home to celebrate their anniversary at a nearby motel. The festivities are in full swing when Bob shows up unexpectedly to proclaim his love for Connie. A fight over the damsel ensues with unexpected results.



Troy Halverson as Bob, the love-struck janitor  IMDb

Amber Seidel as Connie, the coma girl  IMDb

Neil Ramsay as Marvin, faithful husband of coma girl  IMDb


Derrell Lester as Dr. Merkin, caring for his not so lively patients  

Brittany Savoie as Dr. Merkin’s nurse  



Ricky Hess, Director, Creator  

Al Hess, Writer and Carpenter  

Ryan Presley, Director of Photography  

Debbie Hess, Exec. Producer, CD  

Darien Johnson, Assistant Director  

Henry Howard, Sound  

Matt Ediger, Gaffer/Electric  

Diego Villacorta, 1st AC  

Craft Services - Debbie Hess
Graffer/Electric - Dave Lillethun
Gaffer/Grip - Evan Williams
Set Photos - Nancy Tanki, Joeseph Richardson, Rick Banks, Eric Marks

Horror Hotel Web Series


The Horror Hotel web series is inspired by the old Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents programs. Different shorts stories with different casts and crews for each episode all take place at the same run-down motor-court hotel.

Season 2 Trailer

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Season 1 of the anthology released in summer 2013, streaming on Direct TV, Hulu, U-verse, xfinity, MSN Video, Amazon Prime, and other channels. I appear in the Invader episode, which played at Raindance in 2014.

Season 2 began production in 2014 and premiered at The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta in 2015. I appear in the Coma Girl episode. The entire season was released VOD in July 2016 as Horror Hotel: The Movie, available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

Production started on Season 3 in 2016.


I had such a blast last night at the Horror Hotel season 2 premiere! Last night was great and everything was perfect. I couldn’t have wished for a better screening. I’m not sure I could ever express enough gratitude to everyone who came out to see my show. I only ever wanted to just be a part of making films because I love movies and TV so much. It’s even better when others can enjoy watching it.

To my beautiful actors, you guys are the faces of Horror Hotel. You do something I could never do (trust me, I’ve tried and it was pretty dreadful). It’s no surprise that the number one thing I hear is how great the cast is. It means the World to me how much you guys support us!

To the crew, it takes a village to make a show like this (over 100 people just for Horror Hotel). I literally can’t do it by myself and I am so fortunate to have the most talented people I know helping me.

Of course, as many of you know, my parents are a huge driving force behind the show. Any success I’ve seen has been because of my Mom’s management of the series and I’d have nothing to film if my Dad didn’t write brilliant stories.

To our wonderful fans, you guys keep us doing what we do. I’m so grateful that anyone wants to watch my show at all. Because you guys keep watching, we get to continue making this wonderful series. Thank you all!

Ricky Hess