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April 2016

Screenings and Distribution

Bad Blood - Best Feature WIN

So glad I was able to attend the premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival of Tim Reis's Bad Blood. It won BEST FEATURE! I'm still giddy that my name comes up second in the credits, right after our leading lady Mary Malloy. Glad this was a such a fun team because my role required over 16 days of shooting. Get a taste of Tim's style in this Rue Morgue interview or check out the trailer here.

Archangel Chronicles - Web Series

This steampunk action/adventure series just released episode III. This episode features Tyler Buckingham, with whom I had the pleasure to share credit working with on The Interns, and a teaser for the next episode that features yours truly as a nefarious doctor. I really like the stylized special effects; they remind me a bit of the surrealism of If I Am Your Mirror. A feature-length treatment of Archangel is in the works; if all goes well that will be filming this fall.

Anatomy of Love hits 1 MILLION views

This romantic comedy was originally a VOD and DVD release ― briefly on Wal-Mart shelves ― that was later released on YouTube where, on the 28th, it surpassed 1,000,000 views. I'm in a couple scenes that bookend the movie, as a college professor who sets the lead on her journey. I'm still tickled that put me on the DVD cover jacket, in 60 seconds of the trailer, and gave me my first million-view video. Pretty sweet for one day on set.

Rebel Boy - short

Released this month on Vimeo by newbie writer-director Alex Richard Thomas, Rebel Boy was an official selection of the North Carolina Film Awards. I had cameo in this 1950s coming-of-age story, playing a befudled principal in a scene with Deborah Childs. It's my 31st actor credit on IMDb.


Amerikan Hell: The Devil Is Among Us! - Horror Short

The producers of American Hell, an award-winning 2014 horror short, are revisiting that insane world with a larger project and more twisted story as Amerikan Hell. I'm thrilled to be tagged for role in it, cast as one of "the four horsemen" that are on the concept art. There is a Kickstarter that ends this month. If the funding happens, it will film later this year. Returning cast includes Hannah Fierman, Josh Mikel, Lane Miller, Mark Ashworth, and myself; additions include busy Atlanta actors Robert Pralgo, William Tokarsky, Jeff Rose, Mike Milligan, Tyler Buckingham, and Joshua Haire.


Decision After Temptation - Season 2

60-pages over two weekends: that's the aggressive shooting schedule for the 2nd installment of the indie soap D.A.T. Life. My 2-page scene, playing an leacherous business man, was shot in only 20 minutes. Definitely the fastest shooting I've experienced.

Other Stuff

Home Atelier - Residential Architecture

In a nod towards minimalism, I am in the market to downsize my house, and exploring by how much. I mocked up a a 1200 sf house design which is 35% smaller than my current house (and less than half of the average new U.S. home size). Most of the reduction was purging traditional rooms I rarely use (guest room, guest bath, foyer) or are essentially duplicated use-cases (dining and breakfast rooms; rec, family, and living rooms). Kind of a helpful exercise to see how much extra space I might shed.

The result: a 2-bed, 1½ bath layout that can fit inside a 30x40 pre-fab steel building. Playful features: Roman archways with pocket doors, a skylit atelier (which double-duties as the garage), and a catwalk-balcony. Probably cheaper than remodeling something but I'm not sure if I want to go through the hassles of building. Hmmm...

Mezzanine with pocket doors to catwalk balcony overlooking atelier