Comedic Feature Films, Shorts, and Web series

Some short films, pilots, and features that show off comedic chops.

Restricted Diet

Mitchel McClean’s sketch about human and horror hook-ups. A 600-year-old vampire (played by Troy Halverson) gets called out for his racist dietary preferences by a potential victim (Pamela Ricardo). More...

Role: Principal - racist vampire
Directed by Candace Mabry
Written by Mitchell McLean

Short Film

Decent Humans

I got on this YouTube channel by appearing in a handful of their comdey skits, including "Lady Justice", "Cat Actor" and "Screwed Out Of Tips" More...

Role: Featured - various
Directed by Leanna Adams and Ken MacLaughlin
Decent Humans

Sketch comedy


Satiric take on amature assassins. Mild-mannered George (played by Naylon Mitchell) gets more than he bargained for when a homeless Willard (Troy Halverson) sets up a tent in his backyard. More...

Role: Lead - duplicitous vagrant
Written and Directed by
Dylan Chandler

Short Film

Public Enemy #1

In the spirit of Police Academy, poking fun of Police Drama tropes. IMDb More...

Role: Featured - police sketch artist
Directed by Anthony McHie
Written by Olufemi Sowemimo

Short Film

Big Losers

Zany comedy feature combining the candid raunchiness of Old School, with the light heartedness of Happy Gilmore. Troy Halverson plays the HR instructor opposite lead Rob Gleeson. IMDb. More...

Role: Supporting - boring instructor
Directed by Dwayne Boyd
Written by Curtis Kaufman et al
Wag Dog Media

Feature Film (working title: The Ivy League)

Atheist Dinner Party

Dark comedic satire written by Justin Craig, directed by Byron Conrad Erwin, produced by Kevin L. Powers More...

Role: Supporting - S&M dinner guest
Directed by Byron Conrad Erwin
Written by Justin Craig
Broken Lighthouse Pictures

Short Film

The Bachelorette Project

Jilted bachelors are featured in this extended teaser for a feature-length script. IMDb More...

Role: Support - jilted bachelor
Directed by Byron Conrad Erwin
Written by Ken MacLaughlin

Short Film



Role: Principal - sinister partner
Written and Directed by
Zach Cowen and Edgardo Santiago

Animated Short

Anatomy of Love

Romantic comedy with Troy Halverson playing Professor Mason, a character who bookends the story. More...

Role: Principal - wise professor
Directed by Greg Galloway
Written by Greg Galloway et. Al

Feature Film

Film Companions

Troy Halverson plays a guest in this mockumentary talk show about film enthusiasts who take themselvs way too serious. More...

Role: Principal - amateur critic
Written and Directed by
Scott Schroeder
Green Media Works



Sloppy guardian angel (played by Brent Brooks) struggles to save a mortal (Troy Halverson) or lose his heavenly job More...

Role: Principal - mortal-turned-angel
Written and Directed by
John Prescott
Art Institute of Atlanta

Short Film

Standup Comedy

Standup comedy set and rant by Troy Halverson at Relapse Theatre More...

Role: Comic - standup comic
Written by Troy Halverson
Relapse Theatre

Too Old (To Act With Kids)

Relapse Pilot

Troy Halverson has a cameo as a jaded grocery clerk in this pilot featuring actors from Relapse Theatre. More...

Role: Featured - snarky Cashier
Directed by Lev Gartman
Written by Lev Gartman, Brad Binkley
Bad Dog Films

Spec Sitcom Pilot

Gay Earthquake 2!

Troy Halverson plays eccentric director Klaus Von Herbenschnitzen in this mockumentary More...

Role: Supporting - germanic director
Directed by Jessica Hernhatter
Written by Nick Notte et al
Emory University

Short Film

Jolly Affair

Experimental video shorts. Many silent. With Troy Halverson More...

Role: Principal - various
Written and Directed by
Hoyt Jolly et. al.
Jolly Affair

Web Series

Westward, Oh

Western Musical 48-hour film festival 2009 More...

Role: Supporting - saloon keeper
Written and Directed by
Daniela Garcia
Powerhouse Media Enterprises Productions

Short Film

In Jack’s Head

14 min short film introduces as a cast of characters for a sitcom concept about a down-and-out comedian. Featuring comics from Relapse Theatre, directed by Troy Halverson. More...

Role: Supporting - entitled boss
Directed by Troy Halverson
Written by Brad Binkley
Rambo Productions

Short Film, concept for TV pilot