Film Projects

Production & Distribution, 12-month round-up


I love film production because it leverages creativity from multiple professions. The art is part literature, music, photography, theater, tradeoffs, and technology. The production process is very similar to technical project management. Best of all, at the end there is a product with an emotional payoff that I can share with people.

Below are some clips from projects that were acting in the 12 months ending July 2013 (more recent projects are here). I workd on over a dozen projects in that time and garnered 6 new Actor credits and 2 Producer credits on the Internet Movie Database.

Mr. Snuggles - Short Film

In August 2012 we completed ADR and post on Mr. Snuggles, a short horror film that has gone on to play in film festivals in New York, California, as well as here in Georgia. A challenging role where I played two leads: the ventriloquist and voiced the puppet who had 60% of the lines! Scripts for a feature film and TV pilot based on the characters have been developed and had table reads in both the Atlanta Scriptwriters Group and the Blank Page Screenwriters Group. The later is going into production in 2014.

Don't Beg on MARTA - Industrial

After brainstorming with MARTA officials at Blank Page Studios for a "Mind Your Manners" campaign, a PSA-style concept was selected by the client. Ad Girl Advertising was engaged to audition more that five dozen actors portraying various annoyances in a faux-candid setting. One of my improvised character bits was selected in September 2012 for the final three used in the campaign.--

Invader - Short Film

In February 2013 Invader was filmed (in color for) black & white for an Alfred Hitcock-meets-Twilight Zone effect. Once again I am the out-of-this-world antagonist. Selected for multiple film festivals in the U.S. and overseas, including the Raindance Web Fest in London. Streaming on Hulu, Xfinity, and U-verse.

Pulse of the Indigo - Feature Film

The Atlanta premiere screening of Pulse of the Indigo was in December 2012 at Cinevision. It's a wonderfully dark story of two crime families at war filmed in Atlanta and LA last year -- in Russian, Spanish, and English; I had a few scenes in it playing muscle in the Russian mafia. Distribution in the works (2014?).

Morningside Monster - Feature Film

In June 2013 I wrapped on Morningside Monster, which is set to premeire January 2014. I had only 4 days on set but more than that in FX prep for some serious special effects gore. I get a name-dropping kick out of sharing credits on this with Nicholas Brendan (Criminal Minds, Buffy) and Robert Pralgo (Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf). VOD distribution expected ~October 2014.

Human Supply - Series Pilot

Series concept has a mix of un-deadness that should be popular with zombie and vampire fans, plus the science fiction aspect of medical immortality. I played the nefarious Dr. Strausmeier, a character who devises the elixer and whose resurrection sets the tone for the Human Supply series. In spite of the teaser episode getting over 90,000 hits on YouTube, it didn't generate enough investment to make the series.

The Bachelorette Project - Short Film

Filmed in December 2012, there is a cast of lovely ladies in the comedy short, The Bachelorette Project, but my heart goes out to the slew of wisecracking horndogs who fail to hook up -- myself included. This 10-minute film was created to drive a fund raising campaign for a feature-length version of the premise. It has already got into one film fest. Trailer below.


In December 2012 the trailer was released Blackhats, a crime drama where I played an attempted suicide opposite the lead. A theater premiere is expected this Fall. Distribution expected in 2014.

Sick People - Short

I got to play a paranormal link between the lead and her patients, the Sick People, she let die. Below is a teaser. This led to a feature-length treatment, filmed in 2014. Sadly, the rewrite dropped my character entirely from the story!

Upyri - Fantasy pilot

By April 2013, two segments of the Upyri web series had been released and it was listed on IMDb. The style is an unusual mix of comic book aesthetics, vampires, and Biblical redemption, all set to urban rap. I narrate the series introduction. In the teaser below it transitions to a music video after 90 seconds.

Simon Maxwell: Interrogator - Feature Film

We filmed an 8-page crime scene in April for Simon Maxwell: Interrogator, I play a piano teacher who gets too rough on a student. The fatal outcome will include an exhausting interrogation scene (think Omar Metwally in "Rendition" or Dustin Hoffman in "Marathon Man") that will be shot in November.

1st Person Meets 3rd Person - Feature Film

In February 2013 production started on First Person Meets Third Person, a romantic drama where I play a Drug Enforement Agent opposite the lead. I had a four days working on it. This was planned to be a 2014 release, pending some seasonal exteriors (autumn colors, snow); unfortunately the project was canceled before principal photography could be completed.

Preserving Christmas - Short Film

Filmed in March, Preserving Christmas, once again I played the antagonist in a dark story: in this case, a murderous mortician who teaches someone a horrific lesson on Christmas, with some scenes filmed at a funeral home. Below is a rough-cut teaser that was released April 2014. Perils of student films: no ETA on when, if ever, the completed film will be out of post.

State Bar of Georgia - PSA

In June 2013, Director Garrett DeHart of New Lexicon Productions tagged me for a public service announcement (30 sec TV spot) filmed in June 2013. I played a prosecuting attorney in the spot that encouraged legal professionals to seek help for their depression.

GED - Animation

In Feb 2013, I did voice-over for several characters and some green-screen work on a spec animation pilot, GED, with Zach Cowen and Edgardo Santiago. The cartoon features three aliens who have been orbiting & monitoring Earth for millenia. It should release later this year.